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WiFiCare™ Mesh

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WiFiCare™ Mesh is the ultimate solution to WiFi deadzones and unreliable internet.

Don’t settle for bad WiFi.
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What is WiFiCare Mesh and why do I need it?


We’re glad you asked.


The What

WiFiCare Mesh is a package deal containing several services that WiFix offers.

The main feature is a professional installation of 3 high quality WiFi Mesh Nodes, placed throughout your home covering up to 4500² feet (420² metres).

In addition we offer remote management, network health checks and general technical support.


The Why

Your Internet Provider only supports the connection to the modem, but not beyond it. This means that if you’re Internet is slow because you need better WiFi, your ISP can’t help.

This is where we can. We’ve built this service for those who not only need better WiFi, but need that extra bit of help their ISP can’t give.


Ready for great WiFi?

WiFix has helped many Australian households get great WiFi coverage and optimize their Internet connection.

Experience WiFiCare today and book a visit.


Here’s what you get


3 Premium WiFi Nodes

We’ll professionally install our selected WiFi Nodes around your home, optimizing the connection to remove deadzones.

No drilling, mounting or cabling required

WiFix Technical Support

As part of the package you will be able to utilize WiFix for your technical needs.

Whether you have an issue with your internet or your computer, we’ll be around to help.

Network Maintenance

With WiFiCare Mesh WiFix can remotely check the health of your internet, make necessary adjustments and ensure your WiFi is always running as smoothly as possible.

Why Choose Us

We care about your WiFi.

We know just how frustrating it is to have issues with your Internet, and we know how to fix them.

Our team is compromised of WiFi & Internet experts who have worked in the industry for years. We’re customer service pros and know how to help.

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