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WiFix is a Local Adelaide IT & Networking business.

Our team of specialist technicians uphold high standards of
customer service and are experts in home internet issues.

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We’re a team of WiFi Experts.

We specialise with Internet-related issues. We’re local to Adelaide.

WiFix is not your standard IT & Networking business. We have indepth knowledge in the telecommunications industry and are incredibly familiar with the woes and frustrations that come with home Internet.

Our team comprises of customer service & technical support specialists and we work hard to help people and small business’ around Adelaide ensure they are getting the most out of their connection.

Working with you and your ISP, we can make things better.


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Why choose us?

WiFix specializes in home & business internet technologies.

With many years within the telecommunications industry we have advanced knowledge and understanding when it comes providing the right service.

Whether you have NBN, ADSL, Cable or Wireless, we know what the most common issues are and how to fix them.
Sometimes we might identify that the issue you’re having isn’t within your home network, but will require your ISP to fix. At this point most technicians are unable to help further.

WiFix can.

As part of our service we will speak to your provider for you if necessary, and can ensure that they are doing the right thing by you.

Members of our team have worked in ISPs before, and as a whole we understand what steps need to be taken to resolve your issue. If we can’t fix your issue onsite we will follow up with you and your ISP until it’s resolved.

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We’ve got technicians all over Adelaide.

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Your satisfaction with our services means the world to us. We will ensure that we do our best to make you happy.


It is well known that many IT companies take advantage of their clients lack of ‘technical ability’.

WiFix aims to provide reasonable costs while maintaining a quality service above the rest.

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A few things we’re very familiar with


We know the root causes behind slow speeds and dropouts.

We know how to get them fixed.


Modems, routers, switches, range extenders, we’ve seen them all.

We’re experts in home networking and are excited to help. SEE ALL SERVICES


If the issues you are having are unresolvable by us then we’re happy to extend our help by contacting your ISP for you.

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Whether you’d like to book an appointment or just get some advice on your issues, we’re happy to help. Fill our the form below to contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Alternatively, feel free to contact us on 0872315605 or email directly at